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How beautiful to see your updated website and how you and your work have developped. I admire the way you embrace your art, give yourself to it and now how your life and work have become one. You have been and are an inspiration to me!
Danielle Gagnier - 23 Jun 2013
Hi, just wanted to introduce my self and congratulate you on your recent transition, my brother in law is Bob McDonald (from UBC history) and he suggested I take a peek at your webspace. I have also retired from social work and teaching and am "trying" to survive as a production potter here on the Manitoba prairies. I have not visited BC in years but is I do I will sure to come and see your work and studio. Kathy
Kathy McDonald - 11 Jun 2013
Love the new website Ekta! Love to be able to browse your wares. Miss you!!
Jillian Johnston - 11 Jan 2013
Hello there Ekta, I have a tradition with a dear friend whereby we exchange gifts with a heart motif for International Women’s Day… I live in Nelson and she in Vancouver. This year she sent me an exquisite little heart shaped bowl which you made. I want to tell you that I just love it .. it is pretty to look at and is also lovely to hold in the hand. I went on-line and see that you will be the featured artist soon at the Gallery of BC Ceramics. Regrettably, I will not be able to travel there to see your exhibit… but I will tell my friend to go. Thanks for creating my piece, I am grateful for the joy that artists bring to our lives. Hugs, Della McLeod
Della - 20 Apr 2012
Lovely work Ekta! It was a pleasure meeting you and Peter. Wishing you a great start to 2012.
Caroline Sneath - 2 Jan 2012
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